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Plan for the Future with a Trust

Trusts are not just for the ultra-wealthy

Since the Middle Ages, Trusts have been used as a means of having a third party take custody of and care for property at the request of another party. When the Romans would prepare to go off to...

Adams County Real Estate Market Update

Adams County Real Estate Market

ACNB Bank’s mortgage lending team reached out to a few realtors in Adams County recently to help assess the current status of the real estate...

Backpack with school supplies

Back to School Supply Drive 2022

ACNB Bank is sponsoring four Back to School Supply Drives in southcentral Pennsylvania this summer, including: 

  • Adams County: Back to...

support nonprofit community organizations using retirement funds

Financial security both before and after retirement

Did you know you may be able to support nonprofit community organizations using retirement funds, as well as reap financial benefits for yourself by doing so?  

Many people have worked for...

Investment Strategy


A successful investor maximizes gain and minimizes loss. Though there can be no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful and all investing involves risk, including the possible...

High Inflation: How Long Will It Last?

The future direction of inflation

In March 2022, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U), the most common measure of inflation, rose at an annual rate of 8.5%, the highest level since December 1981.1 It...