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7 Best Features of Electronic Banking

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Posted on Mar 26, 2020

Online and mobile banking offers tools to save you time, give you control, and improve your financial well-being. Here are 7 of the best features of electronic banking:

1. Access your accounts on your own schedule and at your fingertips.

People used to joke about “bankers’ hours” but with the help of technology, you have access to your accounts 24/7 and from almost anywhere. 

Most of us are never more than a few rooms away from our smartphones and devices, which now means we’re always near our bank. 

The best feature of electronic banking is you can take care of your to do list and find answers to your questions when you want and from wherever you are. 

2. Notifications and alerts keep you up to date.

Knowledge is power! When you set up alerts, you can get notifications about account and login activity, when your balance is above or below a certain amount, transaction events, upcoming due dates, and much more. 

Knowing you’re informed about your accounts, and the peace of mind that brings, is a tremendous benefit of participating in online and mobile banking.

3. Depositing checks is as easy as snapping a picture.

If you typically head to the bank or ATM just to deposit a check, you can skip the trip. The bank is now at your fingertips. Deposit checks into your checking or savings account via the bank’s mobile app with just a few pictures.

4. It’s fast and easy to transfer money between your accounts and make loan payments.

You’ll be able to see current balances for your accounts and easily move money between them. 

That means you can cover payments by moving money from your savings to checking and reach your goals by setting automatic recurring transfers from your checking to your savings.

And, just as you can transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts, you can also transfer money to your loan account to make a payment. 

5. You gain added controls and protections.

Think of electronic services such as online and mobile banking as a remote control center for your accounts. You can perform traditional banking tasks and use newer technology like temporarily disabling your debit card if it’s lost or stolen (via CardValet), automating payments, and searching transaction history.

6. Manage and streamline how you pay bills and make loan payments.

It can be a complicated task to manage your household expenses and when bills are due. But with the help of electronic banking and bill pay, you can set up recurring payments to individuals and companies with just a few clicks. Set up and save payees, choose from which account you want to pay, and schedule your payments for specific dates. You can also pay your bills all at once by scheduling different payments for multiple payees at the same time. And, you can also transfer money to your loan account to make a payment. 

7. It’s sustainable and eco-friendly.

When you sign up for edocuments not only can you see your statement as soon as it’s available, you are doing something good for the planet. Reduce clutter and paper at your home and be a friend to the environment. And as a bonus, with online bill payment options, you don’t even need to pay for as many stamps.

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