Is Roadside Assistance from Your Bank a Smart Money Move?

Fewer Bumps in the Road

Roadside Assistance is helpful to new parents

Posted on Oct 22, 2020

Did you know 95% of drivers in the U.S. have experienced a disabled vehicle or had a loved one stranded at least once? Do you have a plan if you get a flat tire, break down, lock your keys in your car, or experience any number of other common roadside issues?

Safety while on the road is invaluable. Everyone should consider roadside assistance, but it can be especially important for parents with small children, elderly people, young drivers, frequent travelers, commuters, drivers of older vehicles, and people who live in remote areas.

You can have fewer bumps in the road with help from ACNB

There are many great roadside assistance providers, but with Advantage Rewards Checking you can get access to these services and more included with something you already use and love--your bank account! 

You’re covered for common issues

Roadside assistance through Advantage Rewards Checking covers common vehicle-related issues like towing and lockout services, as well as battery service, flat tire replacement, extrication, collision assistance, and fuel, oil, and water delivery.

You’re covered up to $80 in expenses per incident, which means you won’t pay a penny unless the cost of service exceeds $80 — and most ordinary services don’t!

Save money

Roadside assistance services not only provide peace of mind and help when you need it, they can also save you money. Unexpected car troubles can be a budget buster if you are unprepared.

Advantage Rewards Checking is just $5.95/month and automatically includes roadside assistance services. You’re covered up to $80 per occurrence and four occurrences per year. That’s $320 worth of coverage a year for less than $75.

Better yet, if you’re an Advantage Rewards Plus Checking customer and maintain the minimum balance these benefits don't cost a cent. That’s full roadside coverage for $0.

Other roadside service providers charge between $57 and $149 per member per year. That means if you have multiple drivers you want to cover, you’re paying additional family memberships. Additionally, many providers increase the cost after your first year of membership.

It’s available 24/7 and connects you directly to the help you need

The last thing you want to think about when you have car trouble is who to call.

With 24/7 service, you can request assistance directly from the Advantage Rewards mobile app at anytime from anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. The app captures the details of your request, your location, and even lets you know who’s on the way to help and where they are.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated having the roadside assistance recently. I was able to have my car towed from Hanover to Gettysburg last Thursday evening and it only cost me $15 out of pocket.” 
-Stacy R. in Gettysburg

You also get access to other benefits

Not only will you have roadside assistance, you’ll get cell phone protection, local discounts, health and prescription savings, identity theft protection, and more. Using any of these additional benefits can essentially make the cost of roadside assistance $0.

Getting started is fast and easy

There are only two steps to getting started:

  1. Open or switch to an Advantage Rewards Checking or an Advantage Rewards Plus Checking account
  2. Download the Advantage Rewards mobile app

You can open your account right now online, by calling our customer contact center, or visit a location. You can even test drive the benefits of Advantage Rewards Checking with a 60-day free trial.

Coverage from the bank vs other providers*

  Advantage Rewards Checking AAA Allstate Roadside

Included with your account for $5.95/month
Potentially free with ARC Plus when you maintain a minimum required balance.

$57-$137 per year
Additional family members are an additional $46-$105.

Additional household members can be added for an additional fee.

$79-$149 per year.

Include a second household member at no additional charge and 16-18 year-olds are also free
Who is covered? Vehicles owned or leased by the eligible member The member. Which means you're protected as a driver and a passenger in any vehicle, whether it’s your own, your friend’s, or a rental. The member in any car you drive, including cars you rent or borrow
24 Hour Service Yes Yes Yes
Number of Service Calls Covered

1 occurrence per consecutive 7 days
4 annually

4-5 occurrences per year 3-5 occurrences per year
Coverage Up to $80 limit per occurrence. If your covered charges equal more than $80, you’ll simply pay the difference. Up to your policy limit Up to your policy limit
Towing Yes 5-200 miles depending on plan Up to $150 benefit
Tire Change Yes Yes Yes
Lockout If keys are locked inside vehicle Up to $50-$150 depending on membership plan Included
Out of Fuel Yes (fuel at members expense) Yes (fuel at members expense) Yes (fuel at members expense)
Stuck Vehicle Yes (at members expense)    
Jumpstart / Battery Service Yes Yes Yes
RV Coverage No Offered Separately For Elite Plans
Road Hazard Reimbursement - - $100-$250 benefit for damage to tire and wheels depending on plan
Trip Interruption Expense Reimbursement No $500-$1500 for car rental fees, lodging, or meal

$1500 If your car is more than 100 miles away and become undriveable. Pays for meals, transportation and lodging.

Additional Services

Identity theft protection, local discounts and savings, cell phone protection, health savings, prescription savings card

See the full benefits

Bike coverage, identity theft monitoring, travel guides & maps, passport photos, Legal defense reimbursement for traffic charges and violations

Discounts on oil changes, flight deals, savings on travel, entertainment, health, beauty, and more.

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*Values are based on comparable products and services available publicly. Values are not guaranteed and are subject to change.; Allstate Roadside

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