Meet CPBJ’s Power 30 for Banking and Finance

James Helt named to Power 30

James Helt named to Top 30

Posted on May 06, 2021

According to the Central Penn Business Journal, thePower 30 for Banking and Finance is a list of individuals who hold positions that give them the ability to shape our communities and influence our quality of life. This is not a ranking. There is no score. Our intent is to introduce our readers to the people who make the decisions. To do that, we asked them to introduce themselves, and share something personal, because no matter how high up the ladder they are, they’re all human.

HeltJames Helt

President & CEO
ACNB Corporation

Helt’s focus is to provide effective leadership by sharing the corporation’s vision with the team, executing strategic priorities for the enhancement of shareholder value, reinforcing a culture of transparency and solid corporate governance practices and being visible and accessible to employees, shareholders and in the communities served by the bank.

He was named president of ACNB Bank, a subsidiary of ACNB Corporation, in September 2015. In May 2017, Helt became president and chief executive officer of both ACNB Corporation and ACNB Bank.

“Given the past year, I am proud of the way ACNB Corporation managed the impacts of the pandemic on our many stakeholders. We were able to uphold our tradition of paying dividends to our shareholders, while protecting our employees, serving our customers and assisting our communities via ACNB Helping Hands,” he said.

Most important life lesson: Teamwork! Helt is a strong believer in the power of a team of individuals working toward a common vision. This power of the team can accomplish more than one person pressing ahead. “I have been fortunate to work with some talented persons in my career and have benefited greatly,” he said.

After spending so much time in the office or in front of a computer, he enjoys working outdoors in the yard and around the house. “It is nice to get outdoors and to see the results of your work at the end of a project,” Helt said.

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