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Travel Accidental Death Insurance with Your Checking Account

Travel accidental death insurance

Posted on May 20, 2021

Traveling usually brings about exciting experiences and excursions, however, it's important to be prepared for the times that are out of your control. Travel Accidental Death Insurance is often a very hard topic to bring up when discussing travel protection, but it is quite important for most travelers. Thankfully, with your Advantage Rewards Checking Account, you can receive emergency financial support in the event you or a joint owner, of the account, suffer a grave accident. This benefit literally provides peace of mind and financial protection during the worst of times. 

When would I need Travel Accidental Death Insurance coverage?

While traveling, there are many different instances where you might need coverage including your flights, the ride to your hotel, renting a car to drive yourself, and any activities on your trip. 

Why is Travel Accidental Death Insurance important?

While many people don’t want to think about such serious incidents, it's vital to be prepared. Most people are underinsured, so you'll truly value this specialized coverage included with your Advantage Rewards checking account.  Many people pay additional fees for travel accidental death insurance when booking air, rail, or cruise travel. Think of the money you'll save by not having to pay those premiums anymore! You may also be eligible for an additional $1,500, depending on the circumstance of the accident and seatbelt use in an automobile outfitted with airbags.

What’s covered?

This always-on feature provides thousands of dollars in coverage if the owner, or joint owner, of a Advantage Rewards Checking Account loses their life due to an accident that occurred while traveling as a private passenger in an automobile or by a licensed common carrier, such as an airplane, bus, taxi, or train.

What do I need to do?

Your travel accidental death insurance is already set up and ready to go. Coverage starts as soon as your Advantage Rewards Checking Accounts are made effective — with no additional monthly payments, no stacks of paperwork, or piles of forms to sign. 

Debbie and her husband, Derek, shared a joint Advantage Rewards checking account powered by BaZing. After Derek died in a taxi accident while the couple was on vacation, Debbie reviewed her guide to benefits, then contacted BaZing to begin filing her claim.  Within six weeks, Debbie received a check for ten thousand dollars — money that helped her get through a difficult time. 

Simply open an Advantage Rewards Checking Account to take advantage of this benefit, as well as the other money saving and personal protection benefits such as roadside assistance, ID theft aid, and savings on prescriptions.

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