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New Exhibit at ACNB's Lincoln Square Office

ACNB Lincoln Square Office Exhibit

Posted on Feb 28, 2019

The Adams County Historical Society is proud to present "Adams County Votes for President," a temporary exhibit in the lobby of ACNB Bank at Lincoln Square in Gettysburg. 

Location: ACNB Bank, 16 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg

Viewing Hours: The exhibit is open to the public during normal banking hours.

Exhibit Description: This artifact-driven display spans from the 1820s to the 2000s, each case filled with documents and artifacts from both winning and losing United States presidential campaigns. Additionally, some of the Adams County Historical Society's rarest presidential artifacts are on display--some for the very first time. 

The exhibit contains artifacts from nearly every presidential election in American history, with special attention to how Adams County voted. A variety of materials including campaign literature, political buttons, ribbons, and documents associated with past presidents are on display. There are seven presidential signatures, as well as one from a first lady, in this exhibit. The Society challenges viewers to find as many of these signatures as they can!

This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter, Professor Emeritus of History at Gettysburg College and longtime Director of the Adams County Historical Society. His article, "Adams County Votes for President," is the basis for this exhibit. 

The Adams County Historical Society preserves over one million items of local and national significance, and relies on local residents' support to continue protecting our shared history. For information about membership, visit www.achs-pa.org 

ACNB Lincoln Square Office Exhibit

ACNB Lincoln Square Office Exhibit