Employee Spotlight: Get to know Janel Sheaffer

Janel Sheaffer, Community Banking Supervisor

Janel Sheaffer, Community Banking Supervisor

Posted on Nov 23, 2022

1. What is your ACNB Bank story? 

I started at ACNB Bank in September of 2019 in the Dillsburg branch as a Community Banking Specialist. I came from retail and security management with no prior banking experience. I remember clearly stating during teller training that “I never wanted to be a teller supervisor” because even being a teller scared me! In June 2021, I made the jump to take on the position of Community Banking Supervisor. I found that I enjoyed the operational part of the position along with having a team to lead again. By October 2021, I had hired a full team who I have been able to train and develop into amazing tellers, and who I’ve become very close with. Having a team again brought back my passion for training and mentoring new associates. Now, I cannot imagine being anywhere else but ACNB!

2. What do you love about working here?

I love our customers. We have some amazing people who have been banking with us for many years or some who just started their relationship with us. Since I’ve been with the bank, I have gotten to know them behind the teller line and have heard about their lives. I’ve laughed with them about funny stories they’ve shared, I’ve cried with them when they lost a loved one or pet, and/or congratulated them when they bought their first house or got married. No matter what type of satiation or mood our customers are in, I try my best to show them I care.
I also love the people who work for the bank and the ones who I get to work with every day. They push me not to give up on my dreams, they teach me, they support me, they make me laugh when I need it and they make any day a good one. I feel very blessed to not just know my coworkers but to be friends with them. 

3. What activities do you enjoy doing outside of the office? 

In my downtime I love to write. February of this year I finally made the leap to self-publish my young adult fantasy trilogy. With support from my friends and family, I had three book signings over the summer and successfully sold over 100 copies. I am hoping to release a new romantic comedy in the beginning of 2023. 

When my husband can get me away from my laptop, we spend time at Assateague Beach in Maryland with our rescue dog, Tango. We love to do outside activities such as boating, fishing, kayaking, or taking Tango on walks.

We also enjoy spending time with our families whether we’re doing a big BBQ in the backyard or hosting a Christmas cookie swap, we cherish that time together!

4. Why should people bank at a community bank?

Because we are committed to our customers. I’ve heard many times when a familiar face walks in and I know them by name, they say, ‘wow, you remember me?’ You don’t get that type of customer service from other larger banks! 

5. What are some of your favorite local activities or restaurants? 

Because I am a writer, I love to visit any bookstore. I frequent the Cupboard Maker in Enola, PA and Book Warehouse in Gettysburg, PA. My husband and I also love going to Half Pint for ice cream during the summer and even take our dog to get a treat!