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Every Business Has a Story

Scott and Karen Coyle

Posted on Nov 04, 2021

When owners Scott and Karen Coyle were ready to turn their new space into their dream shop, they turned to ACNB Bank. Our local team of bankers and lenders understand the community and are committed to local businesses.

Every business has a story, this one also has sparkle.


Jewelry tells a lasting story

Whether it’s passed down through the generations or created as a custom design, each piece of jewelry is special.

“It is a moment somebody is celebrating,” said Scott. “When they make the initial purchase or after that piece has been worn and passed down, there’s a story that goes with it. It's a very beautiful part of the business.”

“It's important for jewelry to have meaning because you wear it every day. It's part of you,” said Karen. “You want to put on the perfect piece that matches your personality.”

Designing one-of-a-kind memories

Scott and Co. create beautiful custom items

The team at Scott & Co. have been helping people create and maintain memories for over 20 years. And they especially enjoy bringing unique ideas to life through custom designs.

“When a customer comes in and asks for a custom piece, our eyes light up. That's what we love to do. To give you an item that nobody else has, that's where we become passionate,” said Scott.

The process starts with a consultation.

“Custom jewelry is a collaborative process in that we sit down with the customer and our designer sketches out photos based on what the customer wants,” said Karen. “There may be 3-4 photos and we take different aspects of each photo and put it together for that one of a kind piece.”

Then they render the design into a 3D computer model, review and print. After final adjustments, they cast in metal and add the stones.

Creating their dream location

The remodel of the shop allowed Scott and Karen to customize the experience

After 20 years on the square, Scott and Karen were ready for a change. They wanted a place they could build and customize to fit their vision.

“I was looking for a little bit of Soho in Adams County and I didn't want to be like any other store,” said Scott. “I wanted a unique feeling and a unique look. I love the exposed brick. I like the industrial loft. It's a feel that we thought customers would feel comfortable with.”

With financing help from ACNB Bank, Scott & Co. reconfigured the structure of the building, including moving the main door and removing a wall to open up the space. They also re-bricked the front façade, built a custom awning, replaced the windows and ceiling, updated the electric and HVAC, and added accessibility modifications.

The customization didn’t stop with construction. They built custom jewelry cases with enhanced lighting for displays and a bar on the upper level for celebrations and events. The goal was to create a space where people felt welcome.

“I am very proud of how the store has turned out. I think it has a look that is truly unique, light, airy, but yet cool and comfortable. There's no intimidation here at all.”

Help from ACNB made the project possible.

ACNB Bank is committed to local businesses

With this large undertaking, Scott and Karen turned to ACNB Bank and commercial lender Gary Rappoldt for support.

“The level of trust that both ACNB and Gary showed in our project was very comforting,” said Scott. “We were at a good point business wise, but we couldn't have done it without the bank, because this was a major renovation.”

As a community bank ACNB was able to not only finance the project, but understand Scott’s vision. We believe in creating a lasting relationship with our customers and our lenders specialize in helping local businesses find the services they need to meet their goals.

“Working with Gary is actually very easy. A lot of bankers are little standoffish but Gary's a regular guy. I love working with him. There's a trust there. I trust he's looking out for my best interest and for the business’ best interests.”

Working with a local jeweler means you get a personal experience

Scott believes that while there’s a place for big retailers in the industry, working with a local jeweler gives you a relationship you can count on and added expertise.

“An independent jeweler is more focused on the community and who the people that live there actually are and how they wear their jewelry,” said Scott. “It’s important that you know your customers and what their lives are like in order to create items they will love.”

And the relationship extends beyond the initial purchase, explains Karen. “Taking care of customers’ jewelry is definitely part of our relationship with customers. We want them to feel comfortable that we're taking care of their valuables.”

It’s the same experience Scott and Karen get working with ACNB Bank

“There's a lot of similarities between small local businesses and the local bank. What I found with ACNB is they're big enough for me to pursue my dreams and help me build all this, but not too big that they don't know who I am when I walk into the bank. It's a family-oriented bank, a community-oriented bank.”

The right banking relationship is key for small business success. A local bank understands not only the local economy but also the community’s needs.

“I like being a customer of ACNB because when you look at the community there is a lot of things that ACNB does for the community. They are extremely involved in the community with all different aspects, whether it's charity, whether it's special events, sponsoring things, they're there right beside all the other businesses supporting our community.”

ACNB Bank is committed to local businesses like Scott and Co. Fine Jewelers and we are here to be part of your story. Let us help with your next chapter.

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Where you bank matters.

When you bank locally, you are investing in the success and prosperity of our community, just like when you shop at local stores, eat at local restaurants, and support local nonprofits. Banking local is part of your voice on what’s important to you and an opportunity to be part of a larger movement with a big impact.

How does it work? Every bank invests in something. Community banks like ACNB Bank invest in the local economy through small business loans, helping families purchase homes, and actively volunteering and giving back right here where you live.

When you choose a community bank for your checking and savings, mortgage or loan, or for your local business, you are automatically doing something good for our shared community. And you’ll enjoy great customer service, competitive products, and the convenient locations you need.

We’re connected and devoted to the communities we serve because we’re part of them too. We’re committed to you. See the impact of community banking.

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