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With our Statement Savings, get flexibility and ease while earning interest.

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For People Who…

  • Want a flexible savings account.
  • Love earning interest, while having access to their funds.


  • Enjoy convenient access to your money while you’re earning interest.
  • Low minimum deposit of only $50.
  • Smart way to start saving.


  • Open with $50, and keep $50 in the account to avoid  the monthly fee.
  • Maintain a $100 daily balance in the account to earn interest.
  • Make deposits from anywhere using our mobile deposit app.

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 With our Statement Savings, you can save as often and as much as you want for a rainy day or emergencies, and access the funds whenever you need them.

Open with $50, and keep a $50 daily balance in the account to avoid the $3 monthly fee. You need to keep at least a $100 daily balance in the account to earn interest. Fees may reduce earnings.

There are limits on withdrawal transactions. You may only make six transfers from your account each month --- six preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, debit card or other similar transactions, and online banking. Unlimited withdrawals or transfers in person, by mail or via ATM.


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