Text Banking

Bank with Text Messages

You can access your accounts by sending and receiving text messages with Text Banking. Anyone with a cell phone can use Text Banking. With Text Banking, you can check your account balances, view account history, and transfer funds between your accounts at the Bank.

Features and Benefits

  • Check account balances “BAL”.
  • Transfer between accounts “XFER”.
  • View account history “HIST”.


  • Log into Online Banking, select Settings and click on Text Enrollment.
  • Turn the Text Enrollment Button from Off to On.
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • Configure your accounts.

Helpful Tips

  • Use 226563 (BANKME) as your text recipient.
  • Always leave one space between the text command and the account nickname.
  • Texts are not case sensitive.
  • Internet access is a requirement of this service.

Text Banking Functions

When you use Text Banking, you will send your text, or request, to the following number: 226563 (BANKME). Save the number in your phone's address book so that you will have it handy.

With 226563 (BANKME) as your text recipient, there are five different texts that you can send. Below is each text, along with the results you’ll receive:

Text Request Result

BAL or BAL <followed by account nickname>

Example: BAL CHK

You'll receive the account balance for the account nicknamed CHK; if no account name is used, the balances of all of your accounts linked to Text Banking will be listed.

XFER<from account nickname><to account nickname><amount>

Example: XFER CHK SAVE 25

This will transfer $25 from the account nicknamed CHK to the account nicknamed SAVE.

HIST<account nickname>

Example: HIST SAVE

You'll receive account history for the account nicknamed SAVE.
LIST This will provide a list of the available text commands.
HELP This provides a link to a webpage with Terms and Conditions about Text Banking, as well as the Bank's website and phone number for help with Text Banking.


Message and data charges may apply depending on your contract and cell phone provider.

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