Buckley is here to help you save!

Buckley is a busy beaver helping his parents at the dam that they call home. He’s also busy encouraging children to save.

Buckley wants to help children to save. “Every little bit adds up,” says Buckley. Kids can start savings with a Buckley’s Savers Account. ACNB Bank and Buckley want to encourage kids to save, so with a Buckley’s Savers Account, kids can earn rewards for saving! Plus, kids can have fun at Banking Days planned just for them and their families!

Account Features

  • Buckley’s Savers is just right for children up through 12 years old.
  • No monthly fees mean your child can save even more money.
  • It’s easy to start saving…open with just $10. Keep at least $1 in the account to earn interest.


  • Birthdays are special! Buckley will send each child a birthday letter. When the child brings the letter back to the Bank, he or she will get a birthday gift.

Banking Day

  • There are special days each year just for kids. They typically take place on a quarterly basis every year. Check back for details.
  • Banking Days take place at most Bank offices with lobby hours.
  • Fun activities and games are planned for each Banking Day. You might even have a chance to meet Buckley!

How to Save

  • There’s probably a new toy or video game you’d like to have. Ask your parents if you can save up money to buy it. If they say yes, the toy or video game is your reason to save---it’s your goal. Also ask your parents to help you figure out the cost of what you’re saving for.
  • Like Buckley says, “Every little bit counts.” Start saving money as soon as you can. Try to save some or all of any money you receive as a gift, allowance or for doing chores around the house.
  • If you don’t have a savings account yet, talk to your parents about a safe place you can keep your money until they can come with you to open an account.
  • Keep saving money until you have enough to buy what you’re saving for. Good luck! We know you can do it!

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