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Accepting debit and credit cards, as well as converting checks electronically, are crucial for businesses today. Heartland offers a full suite of payment processing services for any size business.

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Stay in Business with Heartland Secure

  • Secure credit card processing.
  • The most comprehensive merchant warranty.
  • Know the true cost of every card transaction.

Interchange Plus Pricing and Rate Guarantee

  • No hidden fees.
  • No middleman.
  • No surprises.

Other Benefits

  • Complete and fast customer care.
  • Gift and loyalty programs.
  • Faster funding with mobile payments.

Additional Information

  • Local, Personal Consultation -
    A locally based Relationship Manager will meet with you personally to learn your business and present a solution custom tailored to your needs. 

  • Fast Customer Care -
    Heartland's Service Center is US based and Heartland customers get a real person on the phone right away who will not hang up until your question or problem is resolved.

  • Mobile Payments -
    To keep up with today's savvy customers, you likely need the ability to take your business anywhere. Unlike other mobile payment solutions that hold funds up to 30 days for various reasons, we fund our merchants the same as if they are processing transactions in their store - so you'll be funded faster! 

  • Gift and Loyalty Programs -
    With our fully customizable gift card and rewards/loyalty programs, you can increase the amount of customers you're bringing in, while reducing the amount of payment fees going out.

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