Historical Society Showcases Exhibit at Lincoln Square Office

The Adams County Historical Society is pleased to share an exhibit that explores the lives and experiences of Adams County’s black community over the past 250 years through documents, artifacts, and historic images. 

Location: ACNB Bank’s Lincoln Square Office, Downtown Gettysburg

Duration: The exhibit is open to the public during banking hours through April 30, 2018

Description: Beginning with the early settlement of the area, the exhibit covers slavery in Adams County, the presence of Underground Railroad sites, and the lives of prominent abolitionists like Thaddeus Stevens and the McAllister and Wright families. 

Another section of the exhibit highlights the experiences of black citizens during the Civil War, both as citizens in Gettysburg during the battle and in the Union Army as soldiers later in the war. We examine the lives of individuals like Lloyd Watts, Basil Biggs, and George Davis, all of whom played key roles in our community. 

A final component of the display relates to life after the Civil War, from the time black citizens were allowed to vote through reconstruction, as well as over the course of the World Wars. Veterans like Samuel and Freeman Stanton are included in this story, and artifacts from the Adams County Historical Society help to illustrate the topics we discuss in the exhibit text.

These few cases on display at the Bank’s Lincoln Square Office are just a sampling of the enormous collection of local history documents, photographs, and artifacts in the Adams County Historical Society’s possession.

Please stop by and enjoy the exhibit through April 2018!

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