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Trust & Investments



We offer a wide variety of services to assist you and your family now---like investment management---and in the future, such as estate settlement. You might find our quarterly newsletter, Wealth Matters, helpful as well. Check out the links below.

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Investment Management

ACNB Bank's Trust Department staff meets with clients to review investment needs and helps clients define their goals. After all facts are considered, investment strategies are developed and implemented. Investments may include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and/or combinations of each. The client has the option of granting full authority to the Bank to carry out investment decisions or the client may retain the right to direct all investment choices to the Bank, in which case, no changes are made without client approval.

Estate Settlement

Estate settlement governed by the Last Will and Testament of an individual constitutes a large part of the Trust Department business. A Will is one of the most important legal documents that anyone 18 years of age or older will sign. One important purpose of having a Will prepared by an Attorney is to name an Executor to settle one's Estate. Many people have the misconception that a professional Executor such as ACNB Bank must be more expensive than naming an individual executor. In reality, professional executors receive the same fees as individuals. In most cases it is MORE expensive for individuals to serve as Executor due to their inexperience. ACNB Bank has the knowledge and expertise to act as Executor. The following list represents duties performed by an Executor:

  • Probate Proceedings
  • Assembling of Assets
  • Appraisals of Assets
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Flexibility and Availability
  • Claim Payments
  • Taxes and Discount Dates
  • Record Keeping
  • Court Reporting and Accounting
  • Distribution of Estates

Personal Trusts

A Trust is a legal fiduciary agreement whereby ACNB Bank is named as Trustee of your financial assets. As Trustee, ACNB Bank invests, protects, manages, and distributes your financial assets as defined in the agreement. The trust relationship is designed to accommodate your financial needs and personal goals. A Trust is one of the most valuable financial planning tools available today. One of the most popular trusts is a Revocable Living Trust. During your lifetime, since the Trust is revocable, you lose no control of your assets and you can modify the terms of the agreement or change beneficiaries as you choose. You also may terminate the Trust anytime at no expense. Some of the advantages of a Revocable Living Trust are:

  • Bill Payment Services
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Creditor Protection
  • Timely Distribution upon Death
  • Reduced Estate Settlement Costs
  • Investment Management Services
  • Privacy
  • Customized Trust Document Specific to Your Needs

Testamentary Trust

Trust created under an individual's Will.

Life Insurance Trust

Trust created with proceeds/death benefits from life insurance policies.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Trust created by an individual interested in supporting a favorite charity or multiple charities. The Trust can be structured for income for life to the creator, whether it may be an individual or husband and wife. The income payments may be a fixed dollar amount or a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets as valued annually. The Trust assets will support the charities of your choice in the future. You and/or your spouse will receive current tax benefits and deductions, therefore also reducing the size of your taxable estate.


A guardianship is established by a Will or Court Order for the protection of a minor or a legally incapacitated person. As Guardian, ACNB Bank's Trust staff protects and manages the funds of the individual.

Please feel free to contact any of the following Trust Officers for further details on the previous information. We are happy to assist you.

Karen B. Arthur, First Vice President & Senior Trust Officer 339-5062
Mark P. Bernier, CFA, Vice President & Trust Investment Officer 339-5178
Debra T. Little, ChFC®, Vice President & Trust Officer 339-5218
Christine R. Settle, Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer 339-5058

Securities and Insurance Products are: