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This Agreement and Disclosure Statement sets forth the terms and conditions of ACNB Bank (hereinafter referred to as the "Bank") Online Banking Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Service").

The Bank offers the Service to retail customers, as well as offers Online Bill Payment, Mobile Banking, and other associated services, as appropriate at the current time or in the future. Your use of the Service is governed by this Agreement, your registration form for the Service, any instructions we provide you on using the Service, and any other agreements applicable to the deposit or loan accounts you access through the Service, as may be amended from time to time.

Account Access

With the submission of this Online Banking Registration Form, you are authorizing the Bank to provide access to all of your related accounts that are eligible for the service at the present and inclusive of all future eligible accounts.

Mobile Banking Description of Service

ACNB Bank offers Mobile Banking as a supplemental service to our Online Banking service. It is not intended to replace Online Banking from your personal computer. Use of Mobile Banking is strictly optional. Mobile Banking provides access to your account information and allows transfers between your ACNB accounts through use of a unique Mobile Authorization Code. Some features associated with Online Banking, such as Bill Payment, are not currently available through Mobile Banking.

To utilize Mobile Banking, you must be enrolled in Online Banking and log in at least once every 90 days in order to keep your account active.

Mobile Banking may not be accessible, or may have limited access, over some network carriers.

Mobile Banking may not be supported by all mobile devices.

ACNB Bank reserves the right to modify the scope of Mobile Banking at any time.

Security and Protecting Your Accounts

When you access the Service using your User ID and Password, you authorize the Bank to follow the instructions we receive concerning your accounts and to credit and/or debit your accounts according to those instructions. Since your password protects access to your accounts, you agree to establish and maintain procedures to assure the confidentiality and security of the password. You also agree that you will not share your password or make it available to another individual. However, if you should share your password or make it available to another individual, you are responsible and authorize that individual to access your accounts and to give us instructions relating to your accounts as an authorized user. You also authorize us to comply with those instructions even if that individual exceeds your authorization. If you share your password or make it available to another individual, the only way that you can restore the security of your accounts is to change your password.


There is no fee assessed by the Bank to use the Online Banking Service.

There may be fees associated with other Online Banking services available either at the current time or in the future. Further, at the discretion of ACNB Bank, new service fees may be instituted in the future and all service fees are subject to change.

Member FDIC