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Business Banking


Your money should work as hard as you do. The accounts below are designed to do just that.

Line of Credit Sweep Account

Have your money work for you. If you have a commercial line of credit with us, you can pay it down with our Line of Credit Sweep Account. At the end of each business day, excess collected funds in your Business Manager Account are automatically transferred to your business line of credit. You'll save money by reducing interest expense and enjoy the benefit of efficient cash management. If your line of credit has no balance, then the funds are automatically swept to your repurchase sweep account.

Repurchase Sweep Account

If you don't have a commercial line of credit, but want to make the most of idle cash, our Repurchase Sweep Account is a smart choice. It serves as an interest-earning investment for excess funds at the end of each business day. Funds are transferred automatically from your Business Manager Account into the Repurchase Sweep Account, and automatically transferred back the next day, available to pay any checks or other transactions posted to the Business Manager Account.

Business Classic Money Market Account

Enjoy the benefits of saving money at a higher interest rate, while having the convenience and flexibility of accessing your funds when you need them.

  • Available to all commercial customers.
  • Minimum balance of $5,000 to open account.
  • $20 monthly service fee if account falls below average daily balance of $5,000.
  • $5,000 minimum daily collected balance to earn interest.
  • Tiered interest earning account. Tiers include the following daily collected balances: $5,000; $24,999.01; $99,999.01; and, $499,999.01.
  • Variable rate of interest with monthly compounding.
  • Federal regulations permit up to six preauthorized withdrawals, automatic or telephone transfers, checks, drafts and debit card or other similar transactions from your account per month or statement cycle. Unlimited withdrawals and transfers may be conducted in person, by mail or via ATM.
  • Additional benefits include free Classic Money Market Account check packages for the life of the account relationship and 50% discount on annual safe deposit box rental, subject to availability and automatic payment deduction from Classic Money Market Account.

Certificates of Deposit

Saving is a part of any smart business plan. Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are much safer than the risky stock market, and require minimal funds to open. Funds are invested for a specific amount of time, and in turn for the limited access to funds, a higher interest rate is earned. ACNB Bank offers a wide range of terms form as short as 8-31 days to as long as five years.

  • Funds invested for a specific term; no additional deposits are permitted.
  • Terms: 8-31 and 32-90 days; 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 48, and 60 months.
  • Fixed rate of interest earned with compounding and crediting based upon CD term and balance.
  • Depending on CD term and balance, interest may be automatically deposited into another ACNB Bank checking or statement savings account, credited to the CD, or paid by check.
  • $1,000 minimum investment for CD with 8-day to 90-day terms.
  • $500 minimum investment for CD with 6-month term or longer.
  • CDs are automatically renewable and subject to a penalty for early withdrawal.


CDARS® stands for Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service, and is a deposit placement service. To offer CDARS, ACNB Bank belongs to a financial network called the Promontory Network. When you place a large deposit with us, we arrange for the placement of funds into CDs issued by other network members. FDIC insurance on funds deposited into CDARS is available for up to $50 million.

CDARS is convenient and simplifies your money management. You bank directly with us, sign one account agreement, earn one interest rate, and receive one statement. This saves you from the trouble of multiple rate negotiations and managing CDs with other financial institutions, as well as organizing the ways you may have interest disbursed. Plus, CDARS deposits earn competitive interest rates, which may compare favorably with other investment alternatives, including Treasuries, corporate sweep accounts, and money market funds. And, your deposits are reinvested into loans to neighbors and local businesses in our shared community.

Now, you no longer have to spend time managing multiple bank relationships, administering various interest rates, organizing interest disbursements from various sources, or manually consolidating monthly statements. Your administrative burden is significantly reduced, especially during tax and financial reporting seasons.

And with CDARS, if you manage public funds, you can eliminate the need to monitor changing collateral values---another time-saving convenience.

As always, your confidential account information remains protected.

For more information, email us at businessbanking@acnb.com, or call toll free 1.888.334.ACNB (2262).

* Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into the CDARS Deposit Placement Agreement with ACNB Bank. The agreement contains important information and conditions regarding the placement of funds by us.

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